October wrap up

                                                    Audio books

  1. Bone Criers Moon – 4 stars 
  2. The adventures of huckleberry Finn- 3 stars
  3. Transcendent kingdom- 4 stars
  4. To sleep in the sea of stars- 3 stars


  1. My life  in a cat house- 5 stars
  2. Forever and ever, amen- 5 stars
  3. Home for the holidays – 4 stars
  4. Cowboy for hire- 4 stars

                                                    Physical books

  1. Bookish and The beast- 5 stars
  2. Fable- 5 stars
  3. Mexican Gothic – 3 star

             I read a bonus book, a book I received from Hachette publishing its called “Dogstrology: unlock the secrets of the stars with dog” by Luna Malcolm. This book was so adorable and the content was spot on. Everyone enjoyed it. 

    My most memorable book for this month is definitely Fable and Bookish and the beast. I loved Fable because the sense of adventure on the open sea, sounded thrilling. Come who doesn’t like pirates. The anticipation is killing me because there’s going to be another part to this book, coming out March 2021 , although if your signed up to netgalley you can grab the arc now. I’m in pieces wait for it, so good. 

      I also enjoyed My life in a cat house. I could relate to what they went through. The antics of a animal is memorable, made me miss my own cat Fluffy, who’s been gone 7 years now. If you love cats you would want to pick this one up as well.

      Now, bookish and the beast is supposed to be a retelling of beauty and the beast. This is definitely a spin from that. Comical and swoon worthy. Definitely recommend both of these books as well as the dogstrology book if your into the stars and as well as adorable dogs that is your spirit dog. 😍

       I would also like to like libro.fm from the alc copies I listened to: transcendent kingdom, to sleep in the sea of stars. I can’t wait to start on my new ones. 

What were your favorites for the month of October? What are you looking forward to for November? Have you read any of these? Let me know what you thought?

Published by alopezlibrary_and_animals

I love reading and reviewing books, but when im not doing that. I take care of my 2 girls and my dog.

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