Book review for Sleep in the sea of stars

Audiobook i received from

After a long deliberation, I come to a conclusion of giving this book a 3 1/2. I love sci fi movies and books. This one was so detailed for my mind to keep up. I think this would amazing as a movie, Considering the detail of the story. It reminds me a lot like Avatar. If I were to read the book I would be lost, but I loved the movie. I think for me if it wasn’t for the audiobook I wouldn’t been able to finish the book. Let alone the audiobook is over 30 hours long. To me some time to make a dent in the audiobook. I enjoyed the story was good. Like I said a bit detailed for a book. I think would be great as film. The narrator did a amazing job. Below is a video of the sample to the audiobook. Narrated by Jennifer Hale.

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I love reading and reviewing books, but when im not doing that. I take care of my 2 girls and my dog.

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