My September wrap-up

This is my reading wrap-up for September I finished 9 books, three of them being audiobooks. I want to think for 3 alc and forever publishing for 3 arc. So here they go as follows. One I dnf this month. I rate my books by dogs a šŸ• is one star and šŸ¶ is a half of star.

September wrap-up

Cowboy for keeps šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ• Raybearer šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ• Anxious People šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ• Web of Betrayal šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ• When no one is watching šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ¶ Masks of Devotion šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ• Sorry Not Sorry šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ• Roots of Vengeance šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ• Home For the holidays šŸ•šŸ•šŸ•šŸ• PARADISE cove dnf but for what is did read šŸ•šŸ•šŸ¶

All my reviews can be found on goodreads there’s a quick link here at the top of the page or you can find it my Profile on Instagram. Be sure to give me your feedback. Let me know how I’m doing. Everything is important so I can give you beautiful people the best quality. All these books are available anywhere books are sold.

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I love reading and reviewing books, but when im not doing that. I take care of my 2 girls and my dog.

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