Book review for the Together we stand series by Maggie Cole

Together we stand series


I’m telling you ladies and gents this is the series of the year. I loved this story so much. I actually read the ebook. Those of you that know me. Know i despise ebooks. That’s saying something.  This book was so amazing,  it has the feel of the day time soap opera. It has love, action and drama. It will have you feeling a type of way, you wish would last a lifetime. (You will never think of peanut butter the same way)  I definitely recommend this book and I give it 10 stars if i could.


Sins of Justice let me see if I can tell you how I feel about book 2 of the #togetherwestandseries ok, ok Now my love will always be for Beckett.  Watch out Christian Grey. RYLAND BROOKS is coming thru. Maggie cole has got the touch. Im telling you people if your not reading this series you need to be. It is a emotional rollercoaster. Right when you get to know a person,  bamm!! She rips them from your life. All is good though. As always you can find the synopsis on Goodreads.  I want to think Maggie Cole  for making me love my ebooks.  Bringing me the brooks family.  You find all her books on Amazon and they are available on KU. So move on over oldies, hello Brooks family.  On to the 3rd book in the series.  So stay turned.
5 stars

REVIEW FOR ACTS OF Manipulation book three

This book made me feel all type of ways. Definitely loved it from beginning to end. If you do decide to read this book. I suggest you start from book 1 Kiss of redemption, because if you don’t you definitely will be lost. This series has consumed me. Its so good. Book 4 web of betrayal is up next
If your looking for a good series to read. I definitely recommend this one. Their all available on kindle unlimited.
5 stars

Review for WEB OF BETRAYAL book four

Just like her other books before this. They’re awesome,  page turner and consuming. Its like you want to finish it to find what happens, but you know its a 6 books series, so you slow down because you don’t want it to end. That’s how good it is. Thank about your favorite tv show. Your consumed and invested and you love the characters and the story. The brooks family definitely has a special place in my heart. Maggie cole your amazing job getting me to actually read a ebook. Rating: 5 stars


Omg this series just keeps getting better and better. Its left me speechless.  I had to find the right words to put together.  This book has action, drama, angst,suprises. Definitely emotional roller coaster.  The final book is up next. You better believe I’m starting on that next. I’m going to be so devastated when the brooks family series ends.
10 stars if there was such a thing


Where I start? This series was awesome from the start. Left you breathless and wanting more. I can’t get over my favorite saying that Conner tells Gia “Your my Puma”. Maggie cole is a brilliant writer and doesn’t fall short that’s for sure. Hopefully we will have more of the Brooks family again.
Definitely recommend this book, but definitely the whole series. There like Pringles “once pop you just can’t stop”
There’s no stopping at one. Rating:5 stars

Above is the link where you can find all six books available on kindle unlimited. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Please feel free to give feedback. Dont forget to like and subscribe if your not already.

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